Photo Services

No matter which event you would like to book me for, it is very important to first talk about it! It is crucial for me to understand what you are looking for and to know how much time I have in my hands to do it. I can adapt to most specific needs and I will be happy to inform you about different packages. so...

... Before any photo shooting...

... a personal meeting is a must and for me personally really important. We can then take our time and define which photo package is more suited for your needs!

My areas of specialty are:

Photo book

Remember when the analogue was "it" and our parents would develop the photo films and keep all pictures on paper? Well, that will never be overrated. I, myself keep well organised photo albums to remember about most important moments in my life. I believe this is one of the only ways to remain close to your memories. Plus it's personalized and builds, page by page, beautiful collages of the most important moments on your event!

Professional photo retouch

Do you like a photo just THAT much, but there's still some things that might need to be removed from the frame or should be changed? Do you have an older photo that could use a freshing up? Some parts of the picture are missing?... Try me! You might be surprised.

Personalized gifts made from your photos

Want to have that special photo as a canvas? Or on any other support? Let me know!


Just check out the gallery and contact me if you would like to have any of the pictures as a wallpaper.

If you want to see more of my work and have an account on Facebook or Instagram, feel free to follow me there! I would love to hear from you so just send me a message or leave a comment. A good feedback is always welcome!

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